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Ask Alice: "How Can I Organize My Home Office?"

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

When tackling a home office, the room must be functional, but also visually pleasing.

The best way to start, is to get everything off the shelves, empty all the drawers, and clear out all the cabinets. Next, designate 4 bags, boxes or bins to start your organizing. Label them STORE, TRASH, GIFT, and DISPLAY. Clear off all shelves and tabletops and put the items in their designated containers. Now you should have a very simple layout to show the bare bones of your room. Before arranging anything, decide if you want to paint. Some fun office trends are an accent wall or even patterned wallpaper. The self-stick kind is great and easy to use!

Open shelving can be placed on the largest wall leaving space for artwork that inspires you. Have your desk face the window if you have a pretty view or facing your artwork. Smaller pieces such as file cabinets should go near the desk for easy access. Put the items from your STORE container in cute nesting boxes, for a clean look. Arrange the DISPLAY items on the shelves and desktop. If there is space, add a small comfortable chair in one of the corners. This will give you a spot to read, do research or to just rest your eyes from the computer screen. Lastly, don't forget to add plants for cleaner air and a pop of color!

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